Create Rapid & Powerful Change with Guided Hypnotherapy Sessions in Our Royal Oak Office

Hypnotherapy Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - walkingAre you dealing with stress, anxiety, or bad habits? Struggling with confidence, performance, or motivation? Let us help you overcome these challenges with science-driven hypnotherapy sessions.

Owner and operator of Transcending Horizons, Dr. Harshman is a board certified hypnotherapist and lifestyle coach in Royal Oak, Michigan with an art and passion for helping people overcome challenges, find balance, and reach their full potential. Through ongoing hypnotherapy sessions, Dr. Harshman can provide a caring and nurturing style of hypnotherapy like no other facility in and around Royal Oak.

Hypnotherapy allows you the ability to:

  • Eliminate fears
  • Eliminate habits
  • Remove any anxieties
  • Reduce and block negative thinking
  • Promote positive-self talk
  • Find balance

Through hypnotherapy sessions, you can condition yourself to quit smoking, boost self-confidence, improve performance, stop panic attacks, or eliminate any bad habit or road blocks that are in the way of your wellbeing.

What are you waiting for?

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In recent years, hypnotherapy has become an accepted medical treatment to address a wide variety of issues and conditions. With numerous clinical studies to support the positive effect of hypnotherapy, Dr. Harshman provides an extremely powerful, effective, and long-lasting approach during every hypnotherapy session.

Hypnotherapy Services Royal Oak MI | Transcending Horizons - transcendental-meditation-coachBreak free of the negatives – relax your body and mind as soon as today!

Dr. Harshman has spent 30 years in the mental health field as a psychologist, as a recognized expert in hypnosis, and has had the ability to change multiple lives throughout his profession.

With industry experience and expertise in a safe and nurturing atmosphere, we’re able to provide you with hypnosis and hypnotherapy to change the thoughts, beliefs, and associations in your subconscious mind that are holding you back.

What are you waiting for? Re-program your subconscious and unleash a better, healthier and more positive you - contact us today!